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Need some help or advice for your Property for sale Reading? Prior to putting your home on the market there are always a few 'tweaks' that can be made which will either help your home sell more quickly or potentially allow you to squeeze a few more ££pounds out of the market.

With the property market being the way it is there is also a need for you to differentiate your property from the others in your area and give yourself the best opportunity to make a sale. This differentiating and 'tweaking' often comes in the form of DIY..

The words 'DIY' often strike fear into home owners, however the projects outlined below are 100% achievable by the most inexperienced handyman. So roll up your sleeves, get the kettle on and prepare to make some positive changes.

Install a new front door

Front doors are typically the first thing a buyer notices when they approach your home which means making sure yours is up to scratch is a pretty big priority. There are a number of options when it comes to types of front doors; do your research and make sure not to settle for the cheapest. Think also about colour, in the UK green is by far and away the most popular when selling whilst red doors perform worst. If you haven't installed a door before be sure to read up on all the processes as whilst straightforward there is a very linear process to it.


Lighting is such a simple concept but yet so many homes are inadequately lit both inside and out. The first concept to grasp is that buyers won't just be viewing your home with agents, most will drive past and walk past at various times of the day if semi-serious. For this reason outdoor lighting can really help highlight specific features. If you have a pretty tree; light it up. If you have a pretty Georgian door; be sure to show it off! Inside make sure the lighting is set-up to increase space, and where possible work with natural light.


If you have a front garden fence make sure it looks as good as it possibly can. Fences are typically easy to mend and find replacement elements for, so there is no excuse for broken or incomplete areas. If the fence is painted, why not spend a couple of hours touching/freshening it up. Every single first impression counts, the gate is no exception.

Paint over bold colours

Potential buyers want to be able to visualise themselves in your home. This becomes a difficult task if rooms are painted bold or even bright bizarre colours; just remember that your favourite shades of orange are unlikely to be the same as the new owner's. We recommend that these bold colours are painted over with a neutral tone, which will also increase the feeling of spaciousness.

Finish old DIY projects

Whilst most buyers are able to see past unfinished projects, some simply can't. So why alienate potential buyers by not finishing old DIY projects. Some potential buyers lack the ability to see how a room actually looks and feels if elements are incomplete. We recommend that all unfinished projects are completed prior to any of the above ideas being started. Most DIY projects are unfinished due to lack of interest and motivation; dig deep and finish it!




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