Emergency - What is an emergency?

Only threats to the property which require immediate action are considered emergencies.

Gas leak: if you can smell gas or think there is a leak, call the Gas Emergency freephone number immediately 0800 111 9999

Water and sewage leaks: These are deemed an emergency if they are either internal flooding from failed plumbing where the leak cannot be contained, a leak which is penetrating electrical fittings or the loss of all WCs at the property.

A maintenance emergency out of hours is generally termed as water gushing through the property, electricity sparking or considered risk to life and limb. Should you have a maintenance emergency out of office hours please call our office number: 0118 948 4040 - option 3.

Please note that the engineer will not attend for any issue that is not a maintenance emergency and if you continue to call the number then you will be charged at a rate of £120 per hour.